VOICECARDS® Greeting Cards ... the only cards that contain the Sender’s personal voice/audio message, and that can be created by the Sender over the Telephone or the Internet. When the Recipient gets the card in the mail or with a gift they just squeeze the card and they will hear the Sender’s voice/audio message!
TELEPHONE / Smartphone call to a flower or gift shop
INTERNET on-line with a PC or laptop
WALK-IN a retail store
DIRECT marketing (catalog) firm

VoiceCards® greeting cards are:

  • Convenient ... the Sender can use any number of ways to create their card.

  • Affordable ... cost is about the same as nice conventional cards purchased in a retail store while creating a profit for retail Vendors.

  • Profitable ... replaces what you are doing for free now. Saves time and labor costs.

  • Thoughtful ... the Sender’s personal voice message is a personal and can be replayed over and over by the Recipient.

It is easy! After choosing a gift, flowers or merchandise the sender is transferred to the VoiceCards® server where they are prompted to create up to a 30-second message. Once recorded, the sender’s voice message is downloaded in the attractive greeting card ... and then sent in the mail or included with the flowers or gift.

Enhance your gift giving experience with VoiceCards® ... “It is the next best thing to being there!”®